Our Mission:
To elate our customers by leveraging our partners and resources in the technology field with
the most capable and enthusiastic team in the industry.

At SI-Legacy, we strive to achieve three goals

Customer Focused

First, we believe we exist because of our customers. We go the extra mile with service, resources and communication to win new, and retain our existing customers.

Find the best partners

Next, we only partner with best-in-breed manufacturers who leverage technology with readily available resources and prioritize customer service.

Stack our team

Finally, we are emphatic about finding and retaining the most hardworking and enthusiastic team of employees in any industry.

Let's face it, data infrastructure, A/V, and security products are not what most of our customers have on their mind at any given time.

Until, of course, there is a problem.

It is amazing how much money is usually allocated to the Network or IT budget, but how small of a slice the network infrastructure is of that pie. Of course, that same network infrastructure is what causes most network issues. The least expensive part of the network is often the biggest culprit of problems. It seems like this is the one area you would want to make sure not to cut corners, right? Sadly, it is often the first thing to get "value engineered" out of the budget.

One of our best data center customers continually reminds us that he relies on us to "save him from himself!"

This is where we can help!

Where this stuff is an an afterthought to most, this is what we are passionate about.
By utilizing our experience, along with the multitude of engineers and resources available from our manufacturers, we are yours to exploit! What does that mean? We help educate your team. We help plan and design a data infrastructure, A/V, and security strategy. Then we can coordinate and execute that strategy with construction and integration companies. We help create corporate standards — or even better — a living, breathing "execution document" that can keep your technology up-to-date, scalable, and consistent across multiple locations, or for multiple applications.

This is what we do...

Since this is all we do, we can share lessons learned from our experience with other customers, installers, specifiers, and distributors.

We are also members of, or serve on the boards of various industry affiliations we can tap into.

  • Need BICSI recommendations for your fiber network upgrade? Check
  • Need AFCOM advice for cooling ideas in your data center? Check
  • Need INFOCOMM suggestions for how to implement HDBaseT for A/V in your conference room? Check
  • How about ASIS recommendations for IP open infrastructure on access control or surveillance? We've got you covered.

Give us a call or shoot us an email to see how we can serve your needs!